Alot of Dragon City Hack Tools are available these days, by only searching for the term dragon city hack you will find many websites offering free gems and online cheats. We know it is easy to find websites that tell you they provide free gems, gold and food but the problem is the legitimacy of the websites. Most websites are a big scam and don’t give you your dragon city supplies. You don’t have to worry about that anymore, because you have just found our hack tool.

dragon city hack

Why you should use this online dragon city hack

Who are we? Well, we are a website that provides free resources for the dragon city game because the game itself doesn’t give you many for free. The game is very difficult but also really addictive. The best tip we can give you is to breed the dragons from right when you start the game to make them stronger as fast as you can. Once you have trained them to a good strength you can battle other dragon city players and try to beat them. Becoming the best dragon trainer in the game is the main goal of this game. Therefore you need alot of gems, food and gold to make this possible. Now the problem in dragon city lies in the lack of resources. Playing the game just doesn’t give you enough resources to win, since there are people that spend real money and will always have an advantage. Now you want to have a good amount of resources aswell.. but obviously you don’t want to spend real money for dragon city gems.

So hacking dragon city is basically required?

The pay to win scheme of dragon city has been a big problem in the game since paid players will always beat free players. The top players in dragon city are usually people that have spent alot of money into the game, and you are going to find out that they are really stupid. This is exactly why we have developed this free online hack tool. Even the poorest players are now able to get unlimited resources aswell to have more fun and chances to beat your opponents.

Cheat in dragon city with our online hack tool

Our online generator makes it possible to obtain unlimited resources using our script. We’ve tried our best and we’ve now got access to the back-end of the dragon city game. Therefore we can edit every account we want, aswell as add free dragon city gems to your account. You don’t even have to download any program to your computer, so it’s completely safe.

The dragon city hack is extremely user-friendly. You do not need to have any cheating experience, because our GUI is very easy to use. We have listed the instructions in order so you will be guaranteed to succesfully get free gems. The steps are the following. First you will have to fill in your profile ID. After that you will be choosing how you are playing the game, this will be iOS, Android of Facebook. The last part is choosing the amount of resources you want and after that we have an extra option for your safety. We have added the function to be protected from bans, there will be an encryption button you can click for your own safety.

Is it really possible to hack in dragon city?

Yes, we have spent alot of our free time to research the servers of dragon city (while enjoying the game aswell). We have found a loophole in the server to player connection that allows us to edit every user profile that we wish to. We have to say, it’s not that easy but we are not going into technical details. Also, we are not going to explain how this dragon city hack tool has been created. That because we are not going to be generating more competition for ourselves..

The dragon city cheats we provide

Our generator does alot of stuff to give you a huge advantage in the game. The following is doable:

  • Generate free gems, food and gold on your dragon city account.
  • Protect you from bans using our system with advanced secure encryption.
  • We do regular updates to keep you secure and keep it working.
  • 100% free forever!
  • No downloads required since we use a web based gem generator.
  • Compatible on every device possible. (Due to our simple GUI)

So, we want you to know that you should not exceed huge amounts of gems. Just because you shouldn’t look suspicious in the game and to your friends. And if your friends find out, we want you to be honest to them and link them to our tool. You should not be greedy and help them out aswell for free dragon city gems.

You now know how to get free gems in dragon city. If there is anything you would like to ask us or suggest, feel free to contact us. We wish you a good carreer in dragon city!