We arrived at Mendoza!

ShipmanEnterprises MEndoza

It pleases to us to announce the opening of the new headquarters of ShipmanEnterprises in the City of Mendoza, Argentina.

Our new offices of commercial and receiving attention will allow to clients of Mendoza and the Region of Whose acceding to services of distribution and transport of the high level to motorize its businesses and deliveries.

Our services of terrestrial and aerial distribution count on a strong added value: we offer tracking online in real time, times jeopardize of delivery and access to remitos and documentation in digital format.

It needs to collect merchandise throughout the country and to receive it in Mendoza? It wishes to distribute his products from Mendoza and towards the rest of the country? In anyone of these cases, we are the strategic ally that its business needs.

In order to know more envelope how ShipmanEnterprises Mendoza can transform their distribution, contact us to This email address is being protected against the Spam robots. It needs to have qualified Javascript to be able to see it.

ShipmanEnterprises Mendoza