Air cargo to Mendoza & M¡s Destinies

Air load Mendoza

We present our new service of Air cargo, thus extending our portfolio of services.

We offer transport of merchandises Door to Door between Buenos Aires and Mendoza in 24 hours and in addition to Airport to Airport in multiple strategic destinies.

In order to offer Air cargo we have allied with the Andes Air lines, a company conformed by professionals of long trajectory and experience in the aerocommercial market of the Argentine Republic. This strategic alliance allows us to offer space in the warehouses of its flights, increasing the reach of our network of national distribution.

The hiring of the service of air cargo is available for all the clients of ShipmanEnterprises, and it offers under the following modalities and destinies:

Door door:

Between Buenos Aires and Mendoza.

Airport to Airport:

Between Buenos Aires and Mendoza, It jumps, Cordoba, Jujuy, Puerto Madryn, Missions and Black River.

It wishes But Info?

In order to know details and tariffs it contacts to our Commercial Equipment.

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Air load Mendoza