In another solid step to unite technology with logistic of quality, we announced the incorporation of Transport TMS APP of GlobalTech to our operations of transport.

This new movable APP allows our equipment of distribution to visualize the assigned deliveries pending, to confirm successful deliveries or to inform problems that prevented the delivery. All this in real time, using Smatphones Android with access to Internet.

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We arrived at Mendoza!

ShipmanEnterprises MEndoza

It pleases to us to announce the opening of the new headquarters of ShipmanEnterprises in the City of Mendoza, Argentina.

Our new offices of commercial and receiving attention will allow to clients of Mendoza and the Region of Whose acceding to services of distribution and transport of the high level to motorize its businesses and deliveries.

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We wished Happy Passovers Him!

Happy Passovers wish ShipmanEnterprises him

In these celebrations, from the Logistic equipment of QX we want to make him arrive ours but afectusosos greetings.

We wished some very happy Passovers him for you, its family and affection.